Registration for Green Impact 2017/18
Please complete this short form to register your team for Green Impact 2017/18. The new toolkit is now live and completing this form is a prerequisite of accessing the toolkit. Please provide as much information as possible.
What is your name? (Team leader/primary contact) *

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How many people are in your Green Impact team?

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How many people work in the area your Green Impact team covers? *

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Which building is your team based in?

Is your team based in a laboratory? *

Please select yes if you will be completing any of the labs criteria from the workbook.
Would you like a student Green Impact Project Assistant to provide you with additional capacity to help you with your Green Impact submission this year? *

We will have an indication of how many GIPAs we will have available to help in early January 2018.
If you selected 'yes' to the previous question, which areas of the programme would you like additional support with?

Are you interested in taking part in Green Impact Project Plus this year? *

Green Impact Project Plus allows you to develop and work on a specific challenge outside the scope of the workbook. For more info visit:
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